What Type of Work Experience is Required for MBA Admission


The demands of the B-schools have risen drastically in the recent years, and they expect really good work experience from their applicants. The top B-schools do not really want inexperienced applicants due to the rising number of applicants with considerable job experiences applying every year. With just the GMAT scores it is hard to get admission for an MBA degree these days. Not everyone has an excellent GMAT score, and very few of them make it to the top schools while most get rejected or settle for something lesser.

MBA Admission


The whole point of assembling interested people in a business school is to interact and exchange stories of their experiences in this field. These unique experiences are very important for training these people for an MBA degree.

Here are a few work experiences that the MBA applicants are expected to have:

In the USA:

Students prefer choosing USA for pursuing their MBA from. It is the best place to study MBA with the prominent education hubs and the top universities like Harvard, MIT, etc. being there. The universities do not always ask for a work experience, especially when there is a very good GMAT score but otherwise, work experiences are necessary. It usually takes two years to complete a course here and work experiences can fall within a range of 3-7 years and can even go up to 8 years in some universities. Go through all the information about these universities online when you decide to get admission for MBA.

In Canada:

Canada is another growing destination for top business schools. There has been a great response from a number of students who have started exploring and taking admissions in the top universities here. It is flexible here with the easy immigration laws and the stable economy, which makes it easier for the international students to study and work in the country itself. There are at least six universities that have been securing top ranks almost every year now. The average work experiences required by the top universities of Canada is 2-3 years and can increase to at least 5 years.

In Asia:

In the last few decades, Asia has placed itself in one of the fastest growing business schools’ destinations. Business schools here have even been ranked among the top 30 business schools in 2015 which shows how much they have improved over the years. According to surveys, it has been proven that China along with Singapore has the maximum number of top business schools in the world. The Asian universities are not very strict with the work experience requirements for MBA applicants, but a working professional or an experienced person will always be preferred over a fresher with no unique experience. Here GMAT scores are very important to get admitted for an MBA.

The work experiences required for getting an MBA degree varies between different universities. But, with the intense competition these days, it is always better to try for the best. Thus, more the experience more will be the opportunities.