sanitary pad vending machine price paper plate machine cost:‘Disposable package production is a goldmine’

sanitary pad vending machine price paper plate machine cost:‘Disposable package production is a goldmine’

  The other major challenge is importation especially for a Micro Small and Medium Enterprises, MSME. There are lots of challenges and bottlenecks we go through. We need to import the machine, the materials and for the materials you will be doing the importation regularly. So, the bottleneck which also includes transportation gridlock around the port is also a major challenge. To clear your goods is a bottleneck and when your consignment stays too long at the port, then you start to pay demurrage and with all these expenses the cost of your product will be on the high side and this may make customers not to patronise you because they feel that they don’t need to pay so much for a one-time use product.

  What do you think government can do to make these materials locally available so that more people will be encouraged to go into the business?

  The government can do a lot. The materials we use is just paper and in this country we had about four functional papermills including Iwopin Pulp and Paper Company Limited, Ogun State, Nigerian Newsprint Manufacturing Company, Oku Iboku, Akwa Ibom State and Nigerian Paper Mill, Jebba.  If the government can resuscitate these papermills we will employ thousands of Nigeria.

  If the government cannot resuscitate them, they should find a way for them to be functioning once again through partnership or outright sale or any other means and they will monitor to make sure that the investors bring back these mills.

  As at today even the paper you use in your media house is imported. The only paper that we do is the recycling of carton board. We can make virgin paper and for our own production we need virgin paper. If the government is interested in helping this industry, they should make our papermills functional again.

  With all these challenges, will you still advice start-ups to go into the business?

  At this point in time, I will only say it looks promising. It looks promising in the sense that if there are more people producing this light food packaging items, we would have helped in reducing the cost of importation of light food packaging like paper cup, paper hose, lunch boxes made from paper, paper straw, paper wrappers. Paper wrappers are just light paper that is of thick weight. If you want to buy your suya today, they will wrap it in newsprint; do I need to tell you that that is poisonous? And if you will buy your kilishi, they will wrap it with cement paper or at best some kind of brown paper so if our people make all these available in the society then we would have save a lot of money from importation then also, we would have helped to improve the health of the citizenry.

  Although now, this light food packaging is still alien to our society but some companies into confectioneries are bringing it to our culture like Mr Biggs, KFC, Domino’s Pizza, Cold Stone use paper bowls for their ice cream and paper cake cup added to that they have lunch boxes also but up till now, they are imported.

  So, that is why I said this line of business stands a very good chance although it is still crawling but then it has a future. If you go to clubs, they serve you with glass cups or plastic disposable cups, but I tell you if the crowd is much or they don’t have enough, they just rinse it and use it to serve the next person and you will happily take it. Even the plastic cups that they call disposables are immediately collected and recycled but if those things are paper, the people can even squeeze it and leave it on the table when they are done. No other person can use it, when they strengthen it, it is no longer useable. That is why you see that in most countries today they are discouraging these plastic cups and cellophane because of the danger it poses to the environment and to the health of the people.

  There are very expensive machines but thank God China at this point in time is helping the economy of the world. I tell you there are machines in the US for making paper cups that costs above 500,000 US dollars even in Germany, but you can start little. So, by and large, there is a future for this business in Nigeria.

  How long can one make monthly when they start small?

  It depends on the percentage of the market you can capture and how ready our society is to change to the culture of using disposable items.

  Some people came from somewhere in Asia to do an exhibition at a hotel in Ikoyi and I was invited and part of what they brought to exhibit was paper cups and I engaged the guy that was attending to me pertaining to paper cup. They noticed I knew so much about the paper cup production and he asked how come I knew so much about it; I told him I make them, and he became very surprised.

  He then asked how many of us make paper cups in Nigeria so I told him that well, I know of myself and just another person at that time.

  He said, just two of you in a population of above 200 million, I said yes. He said in his country their population is about 30million and they have over 100 companies producing disposable paper cups, so you can see the difference.

  If our culture will accept this then you will start to make your profit early. No doubt you will be beaten to shape to accept it as things are going. Like in India, you only use paper cups or other paper light food packaging in rail stations and our rail system is becoming functional today so rail stations, airports, cinemas- you know that there are paper cups for popcorns. Even the many of the popcorn cups they still use are imported. So, if we can capture these markets locally it will be beneficial to us.

  If the government can make the right policies, make environment conducive for investors to come in, at least if we have just one functional papermill, it will do a lot in our sub region. Somebody told me that if you go to Rwanda, Kigali the capital city, that city has been described as one of the neatest cities in Africa and that person told me that if you mistakenly come in with a pet bottle, they will collect it from you right at the airport. Even their drinks are packaged in paper containers.

sanitary pad vending machine price paper plate machine cost:‘Disposable package production is a goldmine’